Our commitment to our customers, our environment and each other.  We at MOTOLUBE are driven to deliver quality product and services to all of our customers at a price that reflects true value in the marketplace.

We ensure these products and services meet  customers’ expectations and requirements that equal or surpass competition.  We have the vision of being the only logical choice for lubricant product and services.

We view our employees as our most important asset.  We are committed to providing them a safe and challenging work place, one that respects and empowers the individual, encourages professional growth, and recognizes outstanding performance.

We look to our suppliers to be our partners in developing and introducing Innovative products and services to meet emerging expectations and requirements
 of our customers.

We have a responsibility to manage the company soundly, profitably, and grow to to serve the needs of our customers, our employees, and our communities.  We
must listen constantly to our customers to learn how their industry is changing and how we must change as their supplier.  We have an obligation to protect and
 preserve our environments and natural resources.

We will develop standards which measure performance and provide training and  instruction to insure conformance for all employees with a common goal – error free work.  We are committed to the highest ethical and legal standards in all aspects of our business conduct.