About our company

Founded in 1996, MOTOLUBE the maker of popular motor oils.  Our oil is known for its good quality.  We strive on only producing the best quality, making sure that you only get the best out of your engine.  Having mentioned the above, all out oil is blended from 100% pure virgin oil.

MOTOLUBE lubricants, we offer complete range of superior quality, high performance MOTOLUBE brand lubricants

MOTOLUBE lubricants utilize the most advance formulations and sate of the art technology; the products are fully tried and tested and proven both in laboratory and field.

We at MOTOLUBE are fully committed towards product quality; the high quality is determined by the following factors:
 *The testing and research that go into the development of a new product
 *The care observed during the manufacturing process
 *The laboratory checks made on all the products before the leave the blending
 plant.  In addition strict quality controls are applied to all packages, drums and
 containers to ensure highest standards.

The process ensures conformity and consistency of performance at MOTOLUBE lubricants wherever they may be bought and used.